Good Luck Lance Brooks!!

Good Friday morning to you! Hope your Friday is going well! I came in early today to get somethings done and I’m glad I did. I got to see an old basketball friend and now Olympic Athlete, Lance Brooks!! He will be helping out tomorrow night at the Hoogland Center for a show. Lance is the #3 Discuss thrower in the U.S.A. and #24 in the WORLD!! He’s training for the 2012 Olympics and I think he can do it!!! GOOD LUCK LANCE!!
In other news, the BULLS play tonight!! I have my D-Rose shirt on!! Let’s Go Bulls!!
Also, don’t forget about our WDBR Bridal Show on Sunday at the Crowne Plaza!! More details online at
Well, time to get some work done and come back to chat with you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake

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