GO CARDINALS!! Game #1 In The Books!

Good Thursday afternoon! Hope you are having a GREAT day so far! If you are a CARDINALS fan I know you are having a great day! Game #1 of the World Series was last night and we got that win!! It was AWESOME! Now tonight, GAME #2 we need to get this win!! How amazing would it be to head to Texas with a 2 game lead!!?? LET’S GO CARDINALS!! I’m just a little excited if you can’t tell!!
In other news, I am a little exhausted after my CrossFit Instinct WOD today!! Exhaused in a good way!! I went up 30lbs in my Push Jerk in only 3 months!! It was AWESOME!! Check them out at
I’ve got new music on 1st Play from Far East Movement at 6:30 and Blake’s Bender at 7!!!
Talk to you tonight.

D.j. Blake