Gloomy Tuesday :(

Good Tuesday afternoon!  It’s been just one of those gloomy, cloudy, cold, wet and not exciting days ya know?  On the bright side, it’s VOTING DAY!!  ROCK THE VOTE!!  Well last night I watched “Captain America” and it was a good movie!!  It was really weird seeing Chris Evans with a skinny body then transforming into this huge Captain America man but a good movie.

How is my moustache look??!!  Day #6











This is most likely the BEST PIZZA COMMERCIAL I’ve EVER seen!!

The Disney Princesses wanted to show Princess Leia how to be a Disney Princess…they are so nice.

The Backstreet Boys have a new Christmas single!  Check it out!

This rare Atari game called “Air Raid” just sold for $33,433.30!!  WOW!!  Love the graphics!!