Getting warmer!!

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope you are having a great day! It’s getting warmer! I’m getting excited for summer! I’m selling my jet ski to get a new one! If you are looking for a jet ski, get ahold of me! I did my workout outside today and it was awesome! Did some tire flips, tire jumps, and weighted 200 meter run! I am just feeling it now!
Well, tomorrow is my last day here for this week. I’m going on a road trip to Oklahoma City to see my cousin! It’s going to be awesome! We are going to a concert and maybe, maybe, and Oklahoma City Thunder game if that series goes to 7 games! It’s like 94 degrees out there today but going to cool down to 86 when I get there ;)
Well, I will talk to you at 6 o’clock tonight!

D.j. Blake