Gettin’ people fired up :)

Good Monday morning to you! Hope you are having a great day! My day has started off GREAT!! I went to the gym nice and early and got an AWESOME WOD in! Thank you After that I meet up with my grandparents for lunch. They were just passing through town. Then I decided to try and fire some people up on facebook and twitter. I simply posted this statement…”I don’t know much about college football but I know enough that Oklahoma St. should be playing tonight.” Oh my goodness!! I had comments filling up my wall!! It was awesome!! I finally posted that I did that just to fire people up and that I would be watching the Chicago Bulls tonight anyways!! Hahahaha!!! I love sports and fans!! It’s awesome!!
Well, I’m going to get back to work!! Make sure you listen for the T-Pain sounder tonight!!! Your chance to TEXT and win TIX!!

D.j. Blake