Get your thunder buddy!!
Get your thunder buddy!!

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Happy HUMP DAY to YOU!  Hopefully you can get over this HUMP in the week and move towards the weekend!  Did you have a thunder buddy earlier today??  WOW!!  I was in the studio and there were a few flashes of lighting and some cracks of thunder that made me wish I had a thunder buddy!!  It was a real quick storm that passed through but there could be more on the way so go recruit a thunder buddy right now!!

I went out in the garage last night and did some MAN stuff!!  I hooked up my stereo out there so I can jam out!  Then I put up hooks to hang all my tools on (I have like 3 tools…weed wacker, snow shovel, and a rake)…hahahaha!!  Next step is hanging up a cabinet and posters and stuff.  Then the small goal is to start getting workout equipment to have a mini CrossFit area!!  We shall wait and see!!

Have a great day!

D.j. Blake