Get Excited!

Good Thursday morning to you! Sort of a switch in weather from what we have been getting use to. Cloudy and cooler this morning with some sprinkles…oh well, we couldn’t have sunny and 80 everyday even though that would have been nice.
Do you have a magic bullet blender or something like it? My g/f just recently purchased one and I’ve never seen anyone so excited for a great protein shake! It all started last night when I asked her to show me how to use it so I could make a shake. She was very, very excited to show me. So we made this shake that was, I’m not going to lie, AWESOME! Almond milk, strawberry protein powder, bananna, and all natural peanut butter! AMAZING!! That was just the start. This morning I heard her in the kitchen while I was in the other room say, “Oh that’s a good one! The fruit just mixed right up and made it all red! That’s a good one!” Hahahaha!! She was very excited! So I recommend a magic bullet or something like it so maybe, just maybe it will bring some joy to your morning or whenever you want a shake or smoothie!
I’ve got a pair of tickets to see the Childish Gambino in STL! I will give them away in the 5 o’clock hour tonight! Tune in for your chance to win!

Talk to you soon.

D.j. Blake