Good Thursday morning to you! All I have to say is, “GAME ON!” That’s right! No bad weather tonight!! GAME #6 of the World Series is tonight!! I guess it was sort of a good thing they postponed it last night, the reason being is that now after the Cardinals win tonight they can have Carpenter pitch tomorrow night!! It did however possibly ruin my plans with my lady ;( We had planned on the CARDINALS playing in Game 7 and winning the World Series TONIGHT and going for dinner and movie tomorrow night because I’m filling in for Bob but now, I’m going to want to watch the World Series tomorrow night and no dinner or Justin Timberlake movie “In Time.” I did promise her we would do it Sunday no matter what :) With all that said, let’s GO CARDINALS!!!

I’ll talk to you soon!! 2 o’clock today!!

D.j. Blake