FORD Tuff :)

Good Afternoon!! Hope your Monday is going well! I’m not even going to bother chit chatting, I’m just going to tell you about the crazy weekend I had…HERE WE GO!! :)

Friday after work, just very low key, went home and went to bed…hahaha!! A good start to the weekend. Saturday, woke up and finished cleaning up some of my house. My g/f said we were going to go pick up a new dog for her so, I had to speed up what I was doing and get ready to go. Then I go upstairs and she says, “We aren’t going now.” Something went wrong with her credit card or so she thought…got it cleared up and didn’t get the dog. It was a sign!! After that, went to chruch and headed downtown for her class reunion. We hung out for a bit then met up with some friends at the Blues and BBQ. Had a good time down there and when we were walking back to my truck I noticed two girls around it. I said to my g/f, “She hit my truck.” She says, “What?!” I said, “I bet she hit my truck.” Well, what do you know…SHE DID!! This girl was freaking out!! Her friend was calm and talking to me saying, “Look she has been crying and had a bad day.” The girl driving was like, “I’m sssooo sorry. Do you want my insurance information??” I looked at my truck and it was just a black scuff mark and told her it was ok. Then I looked at her car…looked very dented and not good!! FORD TUFF BABY!!! Anyways, all was good until Sunday.
I woke up Sunday and went to the gym. I was squatting and trying to max out and yup…there goes the back :( I’ve been hurting ever since…NOT COOL!!! Oh well. I’ll get it worked out and back to normal. Went to the lake and chilled at the Elk’s Club. Fell asleep on a lawn chair and called it a day!!!
That was my FORD TUFF weekend!!
Talk to you at 6 o’clock!!

D.j. Blake