Finally Friday!!!

Good Friday Morning from the Dave and Dina Morning Show!  I’m filling in for Dave once again so I’m up at at ‘em early!  How crazy is it that yesterday I had to put my sun visor down on my drive to work because the moon was so bright and first thing Dina said this morning was, “Could you believe how bright the moon was today?”  I was like, “Yup!  Two days in a row!”  I guess this weekend there is some sort of “Blue Moon” thing going on that doesn’t happen very often.  It doesn’t mean the moon will be “BLUE” but very bright.  It’s actually the second full moon within in one calendar month!  So there you go!  Your lesson for the day!

Hope everyone has a very safe holiday weekend!  I’ll tell you all about mine on Tuesday!  Until then, check out these videos that I feel are awesome!

First of all I’m not political at all!  I’m admitting that before I post the following video.  I just thought it was cool that Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican National Convention.  All I think of is like “Grand Torino”…hahahaha!!  AWESOME!

AMAZING Mega Ramp Jump on a Wheel Chair!!

Does everyone remember the “TAN MOM”?  The lady that well tans too much???  Watch her get wasted and dance at a night club!

I posted a video a few weeks ago called “Gangnam Style” and it was just this crazy Japanese dance video.  Well, the Oregon Duck decided to show them what he’s made of!!  Check it out!

Well the one and only Taylor Swift has released her brand new video for her hit single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”  CLICK HERE to watch the video!

I always heard of sending a message in a bottle…well here’s one that is 98 years old!  CLICK HERE to read the story!