Feeling Better…Thank You ;)

Good Wednesday afternoon! I’m feeling much better today thank you. I ate my first real meal this morning for breakfast and so far so good. Must have been the 36 hour flu or something, whatever it was, it was NOT COOL! I can’t get over how nice the weather has been lately! Holy Smokes! I’ve let Divot run around outside almost the whole past week! It’s great! I hate when he has to be inside all day.
In other news, reports are saying that Paris Hilton has a new job…she’s a d.j.! Oh my gosh! No joke! She’s been getting some recognition lately and now she’s going to be at the Pop Music Festival! She’s been learning her new tricks from her boyfriend Dj Afrojack! Maybe she’ll film a whole set in NIGHT VISION ;) Hahahaha!
Sad news for Bulls fans, Bulls team doctor is saying Derrick Rose will be out 8-12 months :( I have faith though! He’ll come back stronger and more determined than EVER! Keep The Faith BULLS Fans!
Well I better get back to the grind! Talk to you tonight at 6 o’clock!

D.j. Blake