Feeling A Little Bit Better ;)

Good Wednesday Morning to you! Hope your Wednesday is going well so far. Let me tell you, I’m still not 100% better but I am feeling much better than yesterday. It has went from the crappy sore throat to the crappy stuffy and runny nose :( I’ll deal with the nose stuff over the sore throat ANY DAY!
I laid on the couch last night and watched Hangover 2. It was funny but not as funny as the first Hangover. There were funny parts but just not as funny as that first Hangover. It’s hard to have a sequel to such a funny movie. Now I’m hearing talk about a 3rd Hangover. I would have to say…not so much. I don’t want them to keep getting worse.
Another big ILLINI basketball game tonight!!! ILLINI are now #22 and hopefully we keep playing well!! I-L-L…I-N-I!!!
Ok, back to work and medicine!! Talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake