Divot 1 Rabbit 0

Good Friday afternoon! Well, it’s sort of nice out I mean it’s warm but the rain is on the way!! Ok, crazy night last night. I get home from work and let my dog, Divot, out in the backyard. I then start putting stuff away and I got that feeling where it was almost too quiet you know, like he was up to something…well…he was!!! I looked out the window and saw him playing with this rug/blanket thing that he has. Well, it wasn’t a rug/blanket, it was a rabbit!!! Yup, I know right!!! I don’t know how he did it but he did!!! I then had to get rid of the rabbit and Divot went straight to the bathtub for a DEEP CLEAN!!! Yeah, now back to lunch :)

Dj Blake

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