Decatur gets on the map…not for anything good…

Good Thursday afternoon! Hope your day is going great! Well our soy friends to the east, Decatur, made some national news but not for anything good. A 54-year-old man walked out of a Kroger store with two packages of steaks in his pants! Once he was identified with surveillance footage the police caught up to him and found that there were more steaks in his car from a different Kroger and his car was a stolen one! Hahahahaha!! I just want to know what happened to the steaks??!! I hope they didn’t go bad! Maybe I could get them for like half price since they are sort of used!! Hahahaha!! Thanks for the laugh Decatur! Another shoplifting story comes from Spain. Two shoplifters took books from a bookstore and were home free, until they realized they left their baby at the store! They were arrested when they returned to get their child! The kid might have been better off if they would have left him there!
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D.j. Blake

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