Day #3 of 2013!!

Happy Day 3 of 2013!!  Woot Woot!!  Let’s Party!!  Hahahaha!!  J/K!!  Anyways, not much going on today, it’s a rest day for me from CrossFit Instinct so I’m enjoying sometime at home with my dogs.  We are just laying around blogging, you know, typical Thursday stuff.  So have you seen what Homeland Security has done??  They made a video of what you should do if you are in a mass shooting.  Is this too soon or did it need to be done???  CLICK HERE to watch the video.  Some of it is a little graphic.

Yes even the guys in One Direction have a sensitive side to them.  CLICK HERE to see Harry breakdown after reading some hater tweets.  It’s kind of sad really.

And just another reason why I don’t like Twilight movies.  Actor Bronson Pelletier thought he could just go pee in the LAX airport!!

Check out PINK covering Alicia Key’s – Girl On Fire!!  AMAZING!

Jamie “The Bear” McDonald ate the entire Denny’s Hobbit-themed menu in 20 minutes!!  There are 10 items on the menu!!  Check it out!!  Estimated 8,610 calories!  Not bad!

How lazy are we becoming??!!  The world’s shortest escalator!!