Crazy Weekend Recap!!

Good Monday afternoon!! Hope your day is going well! It’s a BEAUTIFUL day outside and I hope you get to enjoy some of it!! Let me tell you about the crazy weekend that went down. First of all on Friday night I released the D.j. Blake – CrossFit And I Know It music video!!! It has since then blown up!!! Last time I checked it was over 10 THOUSAND views!! Unreal!! I did a TWITTER search and it is all over the WORLD!! People from the UK to Austrailia!! Make sure you see it and pass it on to EVERYONE you know!! Here’s the link:

I know of 3 ELITE CrossFit athletes that have posted it on their facebook pages and it’s on blogs, websites, and other sites all over!!!
I want to just say THANK YOU!! First of all THANK YOU to G-H None Productions and Kecheng for shooting the video and video production. Thank you to CrossFit Instinct!! BEST TRAINERS and OWNERS in the world Tim and Molly!! Check them out
And a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who has posted, e-mailed, facebooked, or tweeted the link!!! It’s very much appreciated!! Let’s keep it rolling!!! Help me get to a MILLION ;) It’s a long shot but hey, ya gotta dream BIG!!
Ok, back to work!! Talk to you tonight!!

D.j. Blake