Could be the last HUMP DAY EVER!! Take advantage ;)

Good Wednesday afternoon to you!!  Well, this could be the last HUMP DAY EVER!!  I mean if the Mayans are right, the whole is going to end on Friday so you might as well enjoy this wonderful WEDNESDAY a.k.a HUMP DAY!!  A survey showed that 1 out of every 5 Americans feels the world will end this week.  Out of those people surveyed, 70% are worried they will lose their digital photos.  Ummm…I wonder if those people in the survey don’t really get what’s going on here.  If the world is going to END, there will be NO PICTURES!!  NO WORLD = NO PICTURES…maybe that will help them understand!!!

A giant eagle tried to pick up a kid and take him!!  This is CRAZY!!  **WARNING…WARNING…BAD WORDS AHEAD…WARNING…WARNING***

Bradley Cooper has 5 nipples!!!  Would you still date him??

Shaun White the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and multiple time winner of X-Games has cut his long red hair!!  He is donating it to Locks Of Love!!  Check it out!!

This black cat watches over kids as they cross the street each and every day!

And this is why the world will not end this week.

Well Merry Christmas Suri!!  Katie Holmes has bought Suri a $24,000.00 playhouse!!  It’s the Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse!  It has electricity, running water, heat, a sun room and media room!!  CLICK HERE to see this amazing Playhouse!!

He found Jesus in a breakfast tortilla!  CLICK HERE to see it!!