Come On ILLINI!!
Come On ILLINI!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  I’m at work and I have the ILLINI game on my computer and I was happy at halftime with a nice lead but now they are down by 5 with 8 minutes to go!!  Ugghh!!  Come on guys!  We need this win!!  Well tomorrow is the CrossFit Open 13.2 WOD.  Here is what I have to do:  10 minute AMRAP consisting of – 5 Shoulder To Overhead Presses (115#) -> 10 Deadlift (115#) -> 15 Box Jumps (24in)  Should be a whole bundle of fun!!  The bad thing is yesterday I did a workout with some really high box jumps and today my calves and ankles are killing me!!  Hopefully some stretching will make them feel better!!

Just in time for St. Patty’s Day – The Breathometer!!  This app can track your activity while drinking and make sure your BAC is going down!!

Jimmy Fallon, Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake!!  Check this out

This guy was fired for wanting to save a tree!!  He posted this video about saving a protected tree.  He was fired from his job as first mate on a water taxi because they lease their hub from the developer that wants to remove it!!

More celebrities helping out Matt Damon and his strike to not go to the bathroom until everyone has clean water!!

Nothing like a boot scootin’ boogie of a flash mob for former President Bush!

Happy Pi Day!!  3.14 GET IT!!