Come on Cardinals!!

Good Wednesday to you! Happy HUMP DAY! We are half-way through the work week and it’s awesome!! The only bad thing is, I woke up this morning and found out the Cardinals lost to the Brewers in 10 innings last night! Dang it!! The biggest series of the year and we need to win 2 in a row now!! Let’s go CARDINALS!!
Big State Fair Parade is tomorrow night!! I can’t believe the start of the state fair is here!! Just crazy!! Where has the time gone? It just flies by!! All I have to say is WDBR is in the parade and we are in it in a BIG way!! Some of you might remember State Fair Steve from last year at the Bud Tent, well he’s making a guest appearance this year!! Oh yeah!! Be on the lookout for him!!
Ok, back to work now. Have a great day!!

D.j. Blake