Chew Your Food!!

Good Monday afternoon!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was up and DOWN then back up again!  Let me explain…CHEW YOUR FOOD…I’m going to give you the short version of this story, here we go!  Well my g/f and I met my buddy and his wife for dinner on Saturday night.  Everything is going good we get our food and I take a bite of my steak.  Well, I was going to mention while I was chewing how tough the meat was but as I was going to speak the chunk slipped down my throat.  No big deal right, I’ll just take a drink of tea and wash it down.  NOPE!  Not tonight!  The tea had no where to go so I started to choke.  I actually threw up at the table :(  Not cool.  I then went to the bathroom where I continued to throw up water.  This went on for about a half hour and finally, FINALLY I threw up a big chunk of meat!  I was so excited!  I went back to the table feeling good and took a sip of tea. Well, once again it had no where to go so I ran to to the bathroom and threw up again!  I stayed in there and just kept throwing up water.  Finally I thought I was feeling good so I took a drink of water from the sink and yup, threw it right up.  Long story short, I went to the ER and ended up having to get a scope done to unblock my esophagus.  It was not cool!  They told me the air from the scope actually pushed the chunk of meat down but they got this photo before it moved!

So you know, your typical Saturday night in the ol’ ER!!  Not cool.  That’s why I titled this post CHEW YOUR FOOD!  Take your time when you eat!  I was a faster eater but now, I’m all about just chew, chew, chew!  My weekend got better on Sunday.  My Mom and Step-Dad came down to help at the new house.  We got a lot done!  Then Sunday night we had an awesome league basketball game!  We won by 1 point!  It was AWESOME!!  Our whole team, well 6 of us, played outstanding!  GREAT WIN FELLAS!!  And that’s how my weekend went from UP on Friday night at Tailgate with Blake to DOWN in the ER then back UP on Sunday with my family and basketball!!  The good outweighed the bad I guess ;)

Jimmy Kimmel pulled off one of these best pranks ever at the Emmy’s over the weekend!  Check this out!  Over 25,000 TWEETS instantly!

Green Day performed at the iHeart Radio Music Festival over the weekend.  They were suppose to play for 45 minutes but got cut to 20 minutes for Usher.  Front man Billie Joe Armstrong went a little nuts when he found out about this!  He then went to rehab!!  ***WARNING…WARNING…WARNING…EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AHEAD!  OVER 18 PLEASE***

Check out super hot Rihanna performing at the iHeart Radio Music Festival!

Nothing better than some No Doubt with a special guest appearance from Pink!

Oh when you are Flava Flav you can mistake Miley Cyrus for Gwen Stefani!!  Hahahaha!!!  Classic!!  ***WARNING…WARNING…WARNING…EXPLICIT LANGUATE AHEAD***

A robber with a knife vs. a store owner with a beer can…who wins??

Honey Boo Boo vs. Gangnam Style…the mash up!