Cast Off!!!

Good Monday afternoon!! It’s National Blake Got His Cast Off Day!! Yup, the thing has been on for 8 weeks and now it’s gone!!! FINALLY!!! Now I can get back to writing not like a 3rd grader with my left hand!!
What a weekend I had!! Took the train to Chicago on Friday night with my girlfriend, stayed at my buddy’s house, woke up early Saturday for breakfast then went and saw the Chicago River get dyed green!!! It was cool!! Then some fun dancing and partying!! After that, food and off to the Bulls game!! It was AWESOME!! They honored the 1991 Championship team and MJ and Scottie and the whole team were there except B.j. Armstrong and Bill Cartwright! I had goosebumps!!! It was great !!!
Well, I will talk to you at 6p.m.!!!

Dj Blake