Can’t leave people on base!!! Ggggrrrrr!!!

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope your Tuesday is going well. If you are a Cardinals fan like me your Tuesday is not going well because of the loss we had last night. It’s also not going well because if you are like me you have certain relatives or friends who are disgruntled CUBS fans and only want to make sure you know the Cardinals lost. My lovely uncle is a prime example. He sends me a text after Beltre hit the home run from his knee and it says, “Hahahaha! From his knee!! Can Pujols do that??” I responded with, “Nope, he can’t, but he can hit 3 home runs in one World Series game, be an MVP, an all-star, batting champion the list goes on and on….” To which he says, “I shouldn ‘t have said that to a Pujols fan.” DARN RIGHT!!! Cubs fans just sit there and watch like the rest of us…we are all watching the same game and you don’t have to text me when something bad happens to the Cardinals because I JUST SAW IT!! Ok, I’m done venting now. All I know is that we need to win game #6 and then Game #7 will just be CRAZY!!!
Ok, no more talking about the Cardinals for now…I’m going back to work!! Talk to you at 6p.m.

D.j. Blake