Bulls Baby! Bulls! Oh and I’m old…

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope your day is warm!!  Wow!  It’s just super cold out there!!  Nice day to curl up and watch movies but I will work both jobs instead!!  Well did you see the Bulls vs. Lakers game last night!!  I watched the first half and then fell asleep!!  I’m so lame I know!!  Something hit me and  I was like, don’t fight it just go to sleep!!  So I did!!  Lots going on yesterday with the Presidential Inauguration and I’ve got you covered on that topic for videos!

Here is President Obama’s Inaugural Speech.

Here is Beyonce singing the National Anthem…Did she sing it or did she lip synch???  Watch and judge for yourself!!

And now President Obama and First Lady with their dance!

The biggest egg ever!!  Let’s see what’s inside!!

Best rap song ever!!  Hahahaha!!  Nerd Life!

Real Life Mario Cart!!!