Broken Muffler and Charlie Horse

Good Tuesday afternoon! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day! Mine isn’t so wonderful :( It started late last night. I was driving home and heard this terrible noise from the back of my truck! It sounded like I was dragging something. I got out of my truck, took a look but saw nothing. I got back in the truck, went a little farther and heard it again! I stopped one more time, got out and looked one more time and yup…there it was! My tailpipe had broken off of my muffler! DANG IT!! It wasn’t dragging, it was just rattleing against other stuff on every bump I hit. So, I took it slow home but I made it. I got up early this morning and went out to do a much better inspection. I took some zip-ties and tied it up to the frame so it wouldn’t rattle. I made it into town and got it fixed!! YES!!
Also, around 4:30a.m. I got the worst charlie horse ever!! yeah, I mean I was on the floor crying trying to make it go away! I can still feel it right now and it’s not cool!!! Oh well, hopefully I can still do CrossFit Instinct!!!
Well, back to work for me!!

D.j. Blake

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