Bring It Back From The 90s!
Bring It Back From The 90s!

So during the morning show today Smerz and I were asking YOU what you would bring back from 90s?  We had a great response and lots of people felt we need to bring back all the TV shows from T.G.I.F.!!!  A few items I wish we would bring back from the 90s include – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (ORIGINALS, none of this new school stuff), Old School Rap like Tupac, B.I.G., Snoop, and Dre.  I would also like to bring back Nintendo or Sega because all you needed was 2 or 3 buttons!!  A or B then A, B, or C!!  Don’t get me wrong I love my PS3 but lots of buttons!!  I would also like the original Saved By The Bell and Alf back!!!  Also Smerz and I both agreed that we want the Chicago Bulls to win 6 more championships like they did in the 90s!!!


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