Blockbuster or Summer Flop?
Blockbuster or Summer Flop?

Well this summer has been filled with more SUMMER MOVIE FLOPS than SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS.  Will this weekend be the same??  Here’s the movies coming out this weekend…which one will YOU go see???

Red 2 – I saw the first one and it was AWESOME!!  I’ll most likely wait for this one to come out on video.  Won’t be a blockbuster but also, they aren’t trying to be.

Turbo – Another great animated movie from Dreamworks!!  I like how Ryan Reynolds is the voice but I’ll wait for it to come out on video.

R.I.P.D. – They want this to be a blockbuster but I don’t see it happening!  Big fan of Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges but I get the feel of Men In Black when I see this.

The Conjuring – Save the best for last!  If I was to go see a movie this weekend, this would be it!!!