Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope your day is going GREAT so far!  A nice little storm rolled through this morning!  I woke up to use the bathroom and heard some thunder and saw some lightning, made me want to stay in bed all day but I couldn’t.  I even left the gate down so Divot could come in and chill with me but he stayed out in his chair, oh well.  So the BEAST MODE CHALLENGE is this SATURDAY!  I got my confirmation note in the mail and I run at 9:30a.m.!  I’m excited!  I think the hardest part will be the running!  I’m not really worried about any of the obstacles but the running will not be fun.  I spoke with my man, Zach, over at GNC NORTH (Dirksen Parkway across from WalMart) today and he just was checking in on me making sure I’m feeling good.  I told him I’m feeling great and ready to go!  Look for me on Saturday!  I’ll be representing GNC NORTH!!  Thanks Zach and Matt!! Well I guess I better get to these funny videos for you!

Here is a video parody of Fun. “We Are Young” and it’s called “We Are Hungry.”  It’s all about the new calorie guidelines for high schools!  This is good stuff!

So did you watch Monday Night Football last night??!!  How about that last second play!  Could you believe the call!!??  The refs are terrible!  I think that call was an Inter-TouchDown-Ception.  Watch this!!!

Just because he’s 83 years old doesn’t me he can’t do it anymore!!  Check out Kwayzar!!  83 year old rapper!!

And this is why you don’t cheat in middle school!!