BEAST MODE around the corner!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope you are having an awesome day so far!  It’s only going to get better!  Well the Beast Mode Challenge is right around the corner!  Only 9 days not counting today!  I was back at some squatting today even though a week ago I tweaked the back a little bit.  It was playing with me mentally and I didn’t go as heavy as I was suppose to go but, I still got in a great workout and I feel great thanks to my guys over at GNC NORTH (On Dirksen Parkway across from Walmart)  They’ve got me taking the best products to help with my pre-workout, post-workout and just overall health like with fish oil!  Thanks guys!  Stop in and see Matt and Zach at GNC NORTH!

Wanted to take a quick second and SHOUT OUT to all my ladies at the Springfield Ballet Company!  I’m rockin’ my MEN IN TIGHTS shirt today ladies!  Hope you are all doing well and hope to see you soon!  If you’ve never seen a performance by the Springfield Ballet Company then you are missing out!  Check them out right now!  CLICK HERE!

Well Mr. Shaun White got arrested last night.  He was drunk and had some vandalism problems and he basically beat himself up!  See the mug shot and read the story!  CLICK HERE FOR MUG SHOT!

One little phrase from Obama and you get a full song!  You Didn’t Build That…REMIX…hahaha!!

Lilman Amor – Pull Ya Pants Up.  The kid speaks the truth!

Dina Lohan MIGHT have been wasted or something when she was interviewed by Dr. Phil.  CLICK HERE to see the FULL INTERVIEW!!  WOW!!  She’s lost it!!

Of course I’m CrossFit And I Know It…I guess I better learn how to do a backflip!