Back from another 4-day weekend!!

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Well, I’m back from another 4-day weekend!  I always get to the end of the year and have some days to use so I make a few long weekends out of them.  I won’t give you a full weekend re-cap but I will tell you it was a good weekend that included some much needed relaxing and I got to see two really good movies and I got to help out some people as well.  The short version is that on Saturday we held a candlelight ceremony for those in Connecticut and I was honored to be a part of that.  Thank You to everyone who came out to support this.  After the ceremony I got to go to Marly’s and D.j. a benefit to help send Veterans on the Honor Flight out of Springfield.  We raised over $5,000.00 and get to send 11 Veterans on the Honor Flight next year and they don’t have to pay for a thing!!  How awesome is that!!??  Thank you once again to everyone who came out to that event.  The two movies I was referring to were of course “Ted” and “Savages.”  One is a very funny comedy with an awesome actor, Mark Wahlberg and a super hot actress, Mila Kunis the other movie is a very action packed, drug cartel movie.  I recommend both of them to you!  There was also a nap in there on Monday and my two dogs crashed on me and I couldn’t move, it was funny!!

Are you ready for the end of the world??!!  Well we still have some time to chip in and buy this $46,000.00 survival bunker!!  It’s equipped with bomb-proof shelter, leather sofa, plasma tv, wood flooring, beds, kitchen, flushing toilets and even a fireplace!!  This bunker is nicer than some apartments I’ve lived in!  CLICK HERE to see it!!

It’s called the iPoo…yeah it’s a toilet that you control from your smart phone!!

For any of you who missed it, THE VOICE paid tribute to the Connecticut victims…just amazing!!  Job well done!

Christmas Sweatz…a song

YouTube Rewind 2012