Another night of poop…gggrrr

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Another nice day in the Capital City!  It was another night with another POOP accident!!  The newest dog, Barkley, had pooped in the house 2 nights in a row!  We haven’t had any issues with him like this at all except for the last 2 nights.  If he goes 3 for 3 tonight, I’m thinking the kennel might be a better place for him.  I know you are all concerned so I will keep you posted.  ILLINI basketball got that WIN last night but my BULLS took a LOSS…oh well.  Must give a SHOUT OUT to J.A. for hooking me up with Dark Knight Rises!!  Thanks HOMIE!

Funny man, Kat Williams, is retiring from stand up comedy!

Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carey sing All I Want For Christmas Is You.

A young Jim Harbaugh was on Saved By The Bell back in the day.  **Fast Forward To 15:22**

It’s D.j. CAT on the 1’s and 2’s!

Here is a crazy time lapse video of all the planes landing at San Diego Airport on Black Friday!!  WOW!!