Another Good Morning from the morning show!

Good Thursday morning from the Dave and Dina Morning Show!  I’m filling in for Dave once again and Dina and I have an AWESOME show for you!  Check this out…this shirt is from NIKE and they are getting some heat for it.  It’s only made for women so bloggers are saying that it’s sexist.  Apparently only women or female Olympians are gold diggers.  Do YOU think it’s sexist??

NIKE is also getting criticized for this commercial.  Are they MOCKING this young man or PRAISING him?!  What do you think?

Do you know who HANK is?  Hank is a cat in Virginia running for US Senate!  Watch his campaign video!

You thought the Priceline Negotiator was dead…Oh no, he’s back!

GOTYE decided he would remix his own song with all the remixes that were done of him!  Does that make sense??  Watch and learn!