An epic showdown earlier this morning in my backyard!

Good Tuesday afternoon! Hope you are having a great day!! Mine started off with some excitement!! Oh yeah, it finally happened!! I let my dog, Divot, out this mornig and then I heard him barking a few minutes later. I open the backdoor and there it is, the showdown!! Finally!! I had been waiting for this to see what would happen!! Divot was face to face (well not that close) but anyways, face to face with a deer!! Oh yeah!! It was classic!! My 30lb solid dog barking his head off at Bambi!! Bambi was stuck, not moving and Divot was just barking but slowly moving towards the deer!! This went on for several minutes then as Divot got closer, Bambi was like, “I’m done with this.” and he took off into the field. Well, because Divot is so smart, instead of running right after him, he went to the spot where the deer was standing then following it’s scent to where it ran!! Hahahaha!!! It was a good start to my morning!!
Well, I’m back in here tomorrow from 1p.m. – 6p.m.!! I’ll talk to you then!!


D.j. Blake