Alkdidhan iealakhntiedhad – ooops…sorry…I sneezed!!!

Good Friday morning to you! It is beautiful outside! However, I don’t know if it’s the weather but I have been sneezing all morning and it’s driving me crazy. I’m just sitting at my desk trying to update my blog and website page and I just keep sneezing, sneezing, sneezing! Driving me crazy! I’m going to step outside for some fresh air!!………Ok I’m back. Much better! Well, if you are a Royal Wedding fan I’m guessing you have been up all morning watching it all. I’m not a big fan, I just watched X-KRUSH rock on the WCIA morning show!! Now that’s a party, not the Royal Wedding. Actually, what I did see of the Royal Wedding, they both didn’t even look thrilled. Sort of looked like just going through the motions. I mean the maid of honor got more press than the bride ;) Anyways, back to work now! Enjoy the weather!

D.j. Blake