Ahhh…love my rest days!!

Good Thursday afternoon!  Hope your day is going well!  Mine is going great!  It was my rest day from the gym and it was a very productive day around the house.  Laundry, cooking, sitting in hot tub, gave dog a bath, and worked on some music stuff!  So much for a rest day ;)  Oh well, I need those days every once in awhile.

Well they are calling her the QUEEN OF COVERS now, Kelly Clarkson has covered songs from Carly Rae Jepsen to Eminem to now Gotye!  Check it out!

You can now purchase canned air from major cities across the world!  Paris and New York just to name a few!  It’s only $9.99!  CLICK HERE to see the New York Canned Air!

Forbes Magazine has posted the 100 Most Powerful Women In The World!  Hillary Clinton came in at #2!  Michelle Obama #7 and Oprah #11.  CLICK HERE to see the full list!

Did you ever wonder why Homer Simpson says, “D’OH!”  Well watch this video and find out where it came from!

News anchor bloopers are always the best!