Absolutely Exhausted…

Good Tuesday afternoon!  Hope your day is going great so far!!  Mine is going good but I just hit a wall, I’m exhausted!  I think it’s because I’ve been GO, GO, GO for like the past week!  Work, working out, Beast Mode Challenge, moving into a new place, basketball, and more moving.  I’m just spent!  It will all be good after this weekend.  Taking a nice little trip up to Cedar Point to ride some coasters!!  It’s going to be GREAT!!  If you’ve never been to Cedar Point and you love roller coasters, I recommend you go!!

If you didn’t know, Seth McFarlane is going to host the Oscars this year.  He decided to share the big news with his dad!  Check it out!

I posted a video the other day of Justin Bieber throwing up on stage, now here’s an animated version of why he threw up on stage! Hahahaha!!!

Back To The Future was one of the greatest movies EVER, according to me!  Here’s what it would have been like if Skrillex was Marty McFly!!  CLICK HERE to see the video!!

Well Selena Gomez got a new tattoo!  It’s the roman numerals for 76.  It’s a tribute to a family member who meant a lot to her!  CLICK HERE to see the tattoo!!

Justin Bieber paid tribute to Avalanna Routh, a 6-year old girl/super fan who lost her battle with brain cancer last week.  He sang One Less Lonely Girl and dedicated it to Avalanna.  Photos of the girl were shown while the song played.  Well done Bieber, well done!!!