Aaaaahhhh Kelly Clarkson!

Good Friday afternoon to you! Hope your Friday is going well for you so far! Woke up this morning with the wind blowing and the snow falling! We have been getting spoiled with all this nice weather it was weird having the cold wind and snow…oh well, I’m sure it will be 90 degrees before we know it!
Any big plans for the weekend?? I mean not that I have anything going on, I’m just going to Champaign to my buddies house and we are going out to eat and then going to see KELLY CLARKSON! SINCE U BEEN GONE! I can’t wait!! I’ve seen Kelly two times already and I’m ready for my third time!! I know it’s weird that I really enjoy heavy metal/rock music and go to concerts and mosh and all that but…I have much love for a girl that ROCKS just like KELLY!! Oh here’s my picture from when I met her at the Illinois State Fair!
Maybe you’d also like to see me singing Kelly Clarkson!! I’ve got video of that as well!! Go to this link!! –>
Ok no more talking about Kelly Clarkson…I’ll talk to you at 6 o’clock tonight!!

D.j. Blake