Good Monday afternoon! Hope you had awesome weekend my weekend was a RAWKIN’ good time!! I went to St. Louis on Saturday and Sunday with my girl and my roommate from college and his wife. We went down on Saturday afternoon and got some food and just chilled most of the night at the hotel. Here is how sleepy we were, we were all excited to go get some food and hang out and then we got sucked in watching Animal Planet. Yeah, not even joking!! The show was called “Too Cute” and it followed 3 different breeds of dogs from birth. They really were “Too Cute.” How sad is that?? Hahahaha!! Oh well we went and had some great food Saturday night and then Sunday was the Rockstar Uproar Music Festival and it RAWKED!!! A full day of music and it was great!! It was a long night and a long drive back but very much worth it!!!
Tonight on the show… I have some ILLINI football tickets to give away so you better be listening!!!

I’ll talk to you at 6p.m.!!

D.j. Blake