A #7 seed for ILLINI…WOW!!  Thank You Basketball Gods!!
A #7 seed for ILLINI…WOW!! Thank You Basketball Gods!!

Good Monday afternoon!!  Hope you had an AWESOME St. Patty’s Day!!  Mine could have been better…let me explain.  I played in an Old School Hoops 4-on-4 Basketball Tournament in Williamsville.  I had a GREAT TEAM!  We won both our pool play games on Saturday and had the #1 seed going into the single elimination tournament on Sunday.  We lost our first game on Sunday by ONE basket in DOUBLE OVERTIME!!  AAAhhhh!!  The team that beat us, we beat them on Saturday by ONE basket as well!! So it was a good game!!  The funny part is, that team that beat us lost in the Championship to a team we beat by 20 the day before!!  hahahaha!!  That’s why you play the game!!  Keeping on the basketball theme here…how about the ILLINI getting a #7 seed in the tournament!!  Hopefully the ILLINI team that beat Indiana shows up and not the ILLINI team that lost to Purdue!!  Let’s Go ILLINI!!

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are back with History Of Rap Part 4!!

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Oh Old Spice…how I love your marketing!

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