Dj Blake T-Shirt

Thursday, July 24, 201407/24/2014

My Final Blog Post At 103.7 WDBR

I’m in a glass case of emotion…

missed connections

Wednesday, July 23, 201407/23/2014

Viral Video Of The Day – Craigslist Missed Connection

Just a reenactment…hahaha

DJ Blake Las Vegas

Tuesday, July 22, 201407/22/2014

Top Trends – I’m In Las Vegas Yo! #Fakecationing

Haha…it looks like I am!!

ramen noodles

Tuesday, July 22, 201407/22/2014

Viral Video Of The Day – Ramen Noodles

How are they made?


Monday, July 21, 201407/21/2014

Viral Video Of The Day – Conan and Dave Franco Try TINDER!

This gets interesting!!

Joaquin phoenix

Monday, July 21, 201407/21/2014

Celebrity 411 – Joaquin Phoenix upside down face!

This is just weird, creepy and funny all at the sametime!!


Monday, July 21, 201407/21/2014

Top Trends – Longest Ancient Poop In History!

It could all be yours if the price is right!!

peanut butter and jelly cake

Friday, July 18, 201407/18/2014

Viral Video Of The Day – Peanut Butter & Jelly….FER DAYZZZ!!!!

**Thanks AJ**


Friday, July 18, 201407/18/2014

Top Trends – The Selfie Has Gone Way Too Far!

Selfie Toaster!

Blake vs. Drake

Thursday, July 17, 201407/17/2014

CELEBRITY 411 – Blake vs. Drake

No not me!! I wish!!